The Integrity Army: FREE group coaching with Dan Munro!

You read that right! As a way to give freely (and showcase my badass coaching skills), I’ve decided to run monthly group-coaching sessions that are open to anyone. All you need to do is join the mailing list (totally free and guaranteed no spam). In these sessions, you can either participate in or just observe HOT SEAT COACHING. This is Read More

“Why is coaching so expensive?”

Do me a favour! Like/dislike, comment and share on YouTube to help promote my work (if you think it’s a good idea) If you enjoyed this video, you can buy me a beer to support my work! For more of my work, links, posts and contact details, this site has it all  People are happy to spend thousands of Read More

8 years of coaching! My top tips

Made it another year! This was the toughest one yet, by far. Having our first child and choosing to be a fully engaged dad meant that for the first time since I started my coaching business hasn’t grown. We’ve just plateaued to stay alive, basically, but that was a conscious choice and now that I see the connection I have Read More

Shared coaching

What is shared coaching? Shared coaching is where each client gets a 1:1 confidence coaching session with Dan Munro via Zoom or Skype. This call is recorded (audio only) and the recording goes into a Dropbox folder. All members of the shared coaching group will then be able to access the recording and listen to the session. This way, you Read More

How to sustain a successful coaching business

Today marks my 8 year anniversary! I started my coaching business in 2013, 8 years ago today (BROJO was formed about a year later). It’s been a hell ride, but to be fair the last few years have been a lot easier, stable and successful than the earlier ones. Especially since Chloe came into our world, I’ve been working much Read More

The first 2 years: Setting up a genuinely successful coaching business

There’s a lot of hypey bullshit out there that targets vulnerable wannabe life coaches and drains them of their scarce financial resources. I want to put this out there for FREE, to provide an alternative to what’s offered by the sharks circling this industry looking to prey on one of the easiest sources of a quick buck: new coaches. I’ve Read More

Coaching with Dan Munro: Everything You Need to Know

I’ve put this video together for anyone curious about getting coaching with me for integrity, confidence and connections. This video includes: – What coaching is – Why get coaching – Who is right for coaching (and who isn’t) – The process for getting started – Options and investment Worth a watch if you’re a Nice Guy or people pleaser who’d Read More

Nice Guy Recovery – Group Coaching

What is it? As per the video above, this is a mastermind group that gets together every week to support each other with a wide range of self-development challenges, from relationships and dating to creativity, entrepreneurship, confidence building and more. However, our greatest focus is on recovering from people-pleasing and Nice Guy Syndrome. We all have a mission to live Read More

What Is Coaching and Why You Should Consider Getting a Coach

Lately, I’ve received a few queries about what a coach actually does, how coaching is different to therapy, and why should someone spend their hard-earned money hiring a coach. Let’s discuss.. ———————— For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions If you enjoyed this podcast, get access to more of BROJO’s content and dozens of confidence-building online courses Read More

Confidence Coaching Session: Chris faces the dark truth about Nice Guy Syndrome

If you enjoyed this video, get access to more of BROJO’s content and powerful confidence-building email courses by joining today. It’s free! Learn more here. ———————— Witness and genuine no-holds-barred coaching session to help Chris address the missed opportunities that being too nice has taken from him. For more personal support, contact Dan directly with your questions