190 tips for building self esteem, happiness and a better life

I’ve come up with most of these myself so far but I’m keen for contributions. You’ll see I’ve credited those of you who have added your own, cheers!

Together, we will create the most epic post about building self esteem and creating a better life that has ever been written.

Note: I recommend some books and other resources in this list. I am not affiliated to or paid by any of these people, I simply believe their work is good and have used it to improve my own life successfully.

  1. Watch a talk every day before work (approx 10-15mins) or during your lunch break. Check out for daily doses of inspiration.
  2. Arrange a complete day off once per month: no internet, children, work, chores or any other kind of responsibility. Pamper yourself shamelessly.
  3. Write down the top 3 areas of life that interest you most. Then dedicate 30mins per night to learning more about them, either at the library or through the internet (choose your sites carefully).
  4. Re-engage contact with a childhood friend you haven’t seen in years, take them out for a drink or dinner.
  5. Read The way of the superior man by David Deida (no, you don’t need to be a man to read this).
  6. “Riding bike = happiness” – Tim Hunter
  7. Sign up to a new hobby or community class in something you’ve always wanted to try. See it through to the end.
  8. Dedicate the next month to overcoming your biggest fear, facing it in gradually increasing doses, one small step at a time each day. Research desensitization for more on how to do this.
  9. Quit one unhealthy thing that you consume (I recommend soft-drinks).
  10. Learn about defusion, the art of unhooking from your thoughts so that they do not create your identity. Thoughts are just thoughts, they come and go, and it’s very rare that they are completely true. Understanding this will allow you to move forward despite feelings of low self-worth or anxiety.
  11. Be more honest with your best friend about something.
  12. Send someone you love an anonymous gift. Never let them know where it came from.
  13. Clear the clutter; throw away any clothes or other possessions that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Be brutal, really clear the house out.
  14. “Be thankful for one thing every day” – Janine Phillips
  15. Set up a holiday/travel account and arrange to put 5% of your income into it each week. This should see you right for a decent xmas vacation.
  16. Stop watching porn. It can actually harm your libido and create a cognitive addiction that leads to impotency and inability to form intimate relationships.
  17. Apply for 10 awesome jobs that you think are out of your league. Make sure your CV/resume and cover letter are unique to each application. Put in real effort and confidently write them to make it look like you were BORN for the job.
  18. Have more compassion for yourself and your imperfections. When things aren’t going well, tell yourself “It’s ok to make mistakes, it’s just part of being a human, how else am I going to learn?”
  19. Restructure your day so that you are doing the most important tasks in the first two hours, without interruption. These must be tasks that serve your highest purpose fully, no matter how uncomfortable they might be.
  20. Practice something for at least 7 hours for each hour you spend learning something new about it. Rather than overwhelming yourself with information, implement the information through action as a priority.
  21. Sleep naked.
  22. Write down what you would do with your time if you knew you only had 1 year to live. Try to live by this for a year.
  23. Write a list of what your values are. These should be single-word actions, like “be caring” or “be courageous”. Pick one at random each day and try to live by it.
  24. Create a power statement of some sort and put it up where you can see it every day. My brother Matt has a sign on his fridge that says, in big bold letters “Are you going to DOMINATE today?” – perfect motivation booster in the morning.
  25. Overcome your belief that you have to have a safe job. Click here for more on this.
  26. Set yourself an “impossible task” to dedicate an entire year to solving. For example, building something really complex, or trying to meet someone who is “high status” like the Prime Minister. Give yourself something that will really boost your self-worth if you complete it.
  27. Figure out what your values are. Write down a list of words that symbolise your values, e.g. “respect, confidence, caring, loving…” etc. Then each morning ask yourself “Which value will I live by today, and how can I do this?”
  28. Start doing 5-10minutes of Mindfulness meditation each morning, first thing. I recommend Sam Harris’ free online audio guide.
  29. Try to spend an entire week just listening to people. Ask questions and reflect back to them what you hear. Get them to open up. Don’t talk about yourself at all for a whole week.
  30. But… if you’re the kind of person who never talks about themselves, do the opposite and share something new about yourself with a different person every day for a week.
  31. Read The 50th Law by Robert Greene and Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent). This will teach you plenty about confidence and leadership.
  32. Say Yes to every social invitation you get for 3 months. Even if there are conflicts, go to them all.
  33. Join The Brojo meetup group. Click here to find out more about it.
  34. Men: deprive yourself of any form sexual release for 30 days. Use the pent up energy to create something.
  35. Start doing courses on
  36. Find a way to teach someone. From mentoring, to coaching, to simply showing someone a new skill. Improve someone’s life using your unique strengths in some way.
  37. Find a cause to support. Not financially, but with action. Something that MOVES you.
  38. Join a support group or mastermind.
  39. Experiment and get out of your comfort zone in whatever way possible to achieve the ability to do anything by yourself. Learn to love your own company.
  40. “Collect moments, not things” – Janine Phillips
  41. Read The 4 hour body by Tim Ferriss and use it to take control of your physical health permanently.
  42. Find something you can be the leader in, a group activity you could organise, even if it’s as small as a weekly dinner party.
  43. Start a social networking page dedicated to sharing whatever you are most interested in. Does not have to be business related – just spread whatever you think the good word is to people.
  44. Go for a 20minute walk every time you feel stressed out. Let yourself think through your stressors whilst you walk. Then when you get back, write down the key points.
  45. Ask yourself each morning “Who can I provide value to today?” and serve that person without any expectation of return.
  46. Join a dance class. Learn at least the basics of a practical dance style you could apply to a social event, like nightclubbing or going to a wedding.
  47. Deprive yourself or “fast” for a fortnight from something that you do to distract yourself from boredom (e.g. social media). Allow yourself to fill the time with something new.
  48. Stop watching news media for a month. See what it’s like to not have doom and gloom stories rammed down your throat all the time.
  49. Donate anonymously to a charity.
  50. Read The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris.
  51. When someone confronts you, try seeing them as a person in need of compassion. They are creating negative emotions that have very little to do with you. Try caring for them rather than fighting against them. The truth is, there’s nothing to fight against. It’s all about their own personal battle.
  52. Question the truth in every negative thought you have about yourself. Ask “Is this absolutely true?” and try to think of exceptions, evidence that proves it can’t be true all the time.
  53. If you have a problem, realise there are 4 ways you can deal with it. 1) Leave. 2) Change what you can. 3) Accept what you cannot change and try to live by your values within the circumstances. 4) Struggle against it, refuse to adapt, and just make the whole thing a lot worse.
  54. Every time you have a thought that demotivates you, recognise that it is just a thought, not your whole identity. One way to do this is place the words “I currently think that…” in front of the thought. For example “I currently think that I am not good enough”. This way you don’t have to avoid the thought (impossible) but you can weaken it’s power over your behaviour.
  55. “Every night before you go to bed think of the BEST thing that happened to you that day” – Emma Houghton
  56. Promote a local business you like through word of mouth, for a month. Behave like you are their marketing person, only do it for free and don’t tell them about it.
  57. Take 15-30 minutes each week to write about the challenges you faced. Use this as a way of downloading your stress onto paper. Gets it out of your head.
  58. Volunteer at a community event, aim to meet as many people as possible.
  59. Go on a mission to introduce everyone you are friends with, to each other. This may take a few months but will have really unexpected positive results.
  60. Find an artistic outlet if you don’t already have one. While we are all predisposed towards certain personality types, nearly everyone still has some form of art that brings them happiness. Music, drawing, sculpture, design, writing, and even teaching are all forms of art.
  61. Ask yourself  “What do I want people to say about me at my funeral”? – and then set some goals to make that more likely to happen.
  62. When you feel anxious, don’t try to push it away or distract yourself with it. Just understand that there is more happening than just the feeling of anxiety. Try to identify 10 other things that are happening, such as sights, sounds, feelings, temperature, other thoughts etc. Make room for all of it within your conscious awareness, so that you can see that anxiety is just one more thing in your world, not the whole world itself.
  63. Be on the look out for opportunities to be a real life hero. Bystander Effect theory states that the more people there are in a social setting, the less likely it is that anyone will help someone who is distressed or harmed. Don’t be that person who waits for someone else to act. When you see the opportunity to help a stranger, jump at the chance.
  64. Get a dog. Train them up and treat them right, and they’ll worship you no matter who you are.
  65. Write out what you would say to the 5 people most important to you… if you were fearless.
  66. Go on a “digital detox” – no internet or electronic technology for a whole week.
  67. Set up a reward system that requires you to make progress on your goals before you can buy yourself luxury items. For example, every time I enroll an exciting new client, I buy myself new clothes or DVDs worth up to $50.
  68. Get yourself a hero. Find a rolemodel who encapsulates everything that you wish you could be. Put their picture up on the wall of your bedroom, read what they’ve written or watch their videos. Make them your silent partner – hold yourself to account by their standards.
  69. Save all junk food to one day per week, known as the “cheat” or “binge” day.
  70. Flirt with someone new every day.
  71. Join a group based on your specific interests.
  72. Create a get-away at home, like a Man-cave or playroom. A room filled with everything you need for your favourite downtime activities.
  73. “Settle for nothing less” – Will Bloodfarm
  74. Get yourself a coach, aimed at working with you on your biggest problem area (e.g. health = personal trainer, wealth = business/career mentor, relationships = dating coach or relationship counsellor).
  75. Move beyond transactional conversations with strangers. Next time you need to buy something, ask a question or make a statement that takes the conversation beyond just the basics needed to complete the transaction. Make talking to strangers an everyday habit. You’ll be amazed at the results.
  76. Set written goals. These should be based around taking action rather than achieving results. Make sure everything about the goal is under your control.
  77. Let go of your need to be right or in control of things outside of yourself. Accept the uncontrollable and focus on yourself instead.
  78. Find a new way each week to stand up for the rights of someone you think is being abused.
  79. Scroll through social media to find someone who obviously needs a bit of TLC. Invite them out to dinner for a catch up.
  80. Go skinny dipping, preferably with a special friend.
  81. “Make sure you tell those close to you how much you love and/or appreciate them” – Janine Phillips
  82. Upgrade all of your communication. So call when you feel like sending a text/online message, or visit instead of call, or hug instead of handshake.
  83. “Puppy/kitty/baby snuggles” – Heidi Cone
  84. Learn how to overcome your negative limiting beliefs. For more on this, click here.
  85. Save at least 10% of your income every payday, no matter what financial situation you are in. Never spend this money except on investments (it should always come back to you with more attached). This will eventually build and give you a sense of financial security, which will alleviate much stress, and it’s fun to watch the numbers increase.
  86. Drink a massive glass of water as soon as you wake up. People don’t realise how dehydrated they are, which can lead to lower mood and reduced ability to concentrate.
  87. Start a blog. Use it to express your deepest ideas about the world and life. Make sure it is authentic to you, like an online journal. This will help you clarify the confusion you might have about your beliefs and allow you to de-stress, while also helping others.
  88. Practice Mindful eating, which means no distractions while you eat. Focus on eating itself, the smells, taste and texture. It’s a great way to re-focus at crucial intervals during the day. It turns the boring task of eating into an experience.
  89. “Go jogging/get some exercise – Seriously, getting your sweat on has so many benefits, both physically and mentally.” – Heidi Cone
  90. Find something to compete in regularly, something that requires you to build up a skillset. There’s something in all of us which loves to compete, the evolutionary drive to adapt.
  91. Learn to play a musical instrument. Choose an “impossible” song and keep learning every day until you can play it.
  92. Set yourself a goal to meet 1 new person per day (on average) for an entire year.
  93. Employ the 5:1 ratio for feedback. For every critical thing you say to someone, you should balance that (over time) with at least 5 genuine praises.
  94. Join Toastmasters to overcome fear of public speaking in a fun way, where you also get to meet like-minded people.
  95. Find a homeless person and buy them a decent meal. Do this once a week for a month.
  96. Learn to manage your time more effectively. It’s the only resource you definitely have a limited amount of. Try these top 10 tips.
  97. Take 10 minutes to write down all of the accomplishments you’ve had over the last 6 months. Doesn’t matter how big or small. Aim for at least 10.
  98. Always have at least 3 goals that you are taking action on every week. They should push you to do something that challenges your comfort zone.
  99. Find someone who needs support and dedicate an entire afternoon to them. Listen to them, ask if they want assistance, and just generally give everything you’ve got to them for a whole day. Do not expect recognition or reward, do it for THEM, not you.
  100. “Take a walk just before sunset while listening to good music. Take the time to sit and watch the sun go down. Music affects us in a big way, the wrong song can make all the bad memories flood back and hurt all over again, but the right song can lift your spirits and have you lost in the moment.” – Heidi Cone
  101. Do 10 minutes of yoga each morning, focusing on basic stretches. This, combined with 5-20 minutes of mindfulness meditation, will set you up straight for the rest of the day.
  102. Find half an hour per day of just YOU time, where you do nothing of importance but relax and enjoy something alone.
  103. Do one thing at a time. Slowly. Always. You’ll end up getting more done and enjoy it more. Give everything to your tasks, like they are all the most important thing you have ever done. This comes after creating a clear list of priorities of course.
  104. Go without television for a week. Use the time created to do something meaningful.
  105. Every day choose something that scares you to do, as long as it is in line with your values. E.g. if your value is “honesty”, then tell someone how you genuinely feel next time they say “How are you?”
  106. If you put aside 5% of your paycheck from the start of the year, you will remove any financial strain for Christmas time and should be able to afford gifts and a decent holiday.
  107. “Dinosaur impersonations” – Heidi Cone
  108. Track down your favourite high school teacher and send them a report on how well you’re doing, attributing some of that success to them in a specific way.
  109. Do something that terrifies you socially, such as when I walked down the main road of Auckland dressed as a fairy. This will make all future social events less scary.
  110. Read fiction books before bed, just a few pages is fine. It will take your mind off serious real matters and allow for a more peaceful entry to sleep.
  111. “Enjoying a deliciously chocolately treat with a bestie.” – Heidi Cone
  112. List all of your greatest achievements in life. Then analyse them for “success factors” – figure out why you achieved each time. You should be able to identify what works for you for future endeavors.
  113. Find someone to become a health nut with. Be it training for a marathon, getting massive at the gym, or something exciting like rock climbing. It’s better with a buddy and you can motivate each other.
  114. Find an “accountability partner”, someone who you get together with each week to discuss progress and make each other do what needs to be done.
  115. If you’re single, each week try approaching more strangers. Start with just asking for the time or directions, to get used to approaching people. Then over time gradually get more bold and direct. Learn to love rejection for the feedback it provides you.
  116. To stop caring what other people think, try measuring yourself objectively. Set goals based on your actions and measure these actions each week. Tell yourself that these measurements are how good you are, what other people think is no longer a unit of measurement you care about.
  117. Check out Sean Stephenson. His disability should not inspire you, but his personality should.
  118. Try using this strategy to make every day a little bit happier.
  119. If you can afford it, hire someone to take care of the basic household chores. Use the time created to do something more meaningful and earn a little extra money to afford the help.
  120. Start your own business on the side of your day job. Dedicate at least 20% of your income and 2-3hrs per day to growing it. If you want it bad enough, this will be enough to get started. Stop waiting for the right time, it will never come. Start TODAY.
  121. When something frustrates you, write it down. Include why it annoys you and whether or not you can control it. If you can, write down what actions you will take to make it better. If you can’t, write down “I can’t change this so I might as well just let it go”. Read what you’ve written out loud to yourself as if you are giving someone instructions.
  122. “When something REALLY crazy happens and I am freaking out, I call my parents. I’ve even woken them up in the middle of the night. Just a couple minutes of hearing my mom or dad’s voice is instantly soothing and allows me to calm down and sort out the situation on my own.” – Heidi Cone
  123. Learn a martial art of some kind. It really doesn’t matter which style you prefer, as it is unlikely you will use it in real life. Why? Because building up the confidence to defend yourself physically will subtly change your demeanour and body language, making you much less likely to be seen as a victim. I used to work with offenders, and they told me they look for certain victim characteristics through body language.
  124. Master the art of confrontation without conflict. If you can assert yourself authentically and honestly, you will become a strong leader. Click here for a helpful tool that you can use to confront people safely.
  125. Clearly define what “success” means to you. One way to do this is to spend 15 minutes just writing down single words that come to mind when you think of success. You’ll be amazed at what comes out.
  126. If someone is bullying you, ask yourself what you need to change about yourself, not them. You cannot control them, but you can control yourself. This isn’t about “just walk away”, it’s about making sure they don’t want to bully you at all in the first place. If you have high self-esteem, bullies will be blind to your presence.
  127. Go to a performance show of some kind at least once per month. Find something where the performers will impress you with their skill. It’s inspiring to watch or listen to people who are good at what they do.
  128. Write a book about what you know and do best. Even if it’s only 20 pages, you will feel very skilled and knowledgeable once you get everything you know onto paper. It could be anything, from a common and simple act like “being a good listener” through to something complicated and niche like “how to rebuild an engine”. Get it proof-read and edited by at least 5 different people.
  129. If you feel stuck in a rut, try changing your environment. Move house, or redecorate the inside of it. Change your daily routine, meal times etc. Get new clothes, a new hair cut, meet new people. Affect so much change that you have no “normal” any more.
  130. Write down a list of 100 things you love about yourself. Even if it takes you months to finish it, don’t stop until it’s done.
  131. Use ornaments, paintings, framed photographs, and other decorations in your home to remind you of good times. Rather than having decorations based on making the house look good, decorate to make you feel good about yourself through emotional memories. This way your house becomes a source of constant inspiration.
  132. Create a confidence-boosting mantra. A simple, one-line sentence that reminds you of a time where you were supremely confident. Repeat this to yourself in your head (or out loud) whenever you are faced with an uncomfortable challenge (e.g. “I can handle anything because I have been through everything”).
  133. Choose a song that pumps up your mood and play it during your morning routine. Start placing key activities at the start of the day that pump you up.
  134. Spend 30 minutes writing out a detailed answer to the question “What would you like to create in your lifetime?” and then take the first step towards creating it.
  135. Choose your 3 most intriguing cities on the planet and do some research on them, including travel costs to visit there. Then figure out how you will get to at least one of them each year in the next 3 years.
  136. Check out The Art Of Charm podcast with Jordan Harbinger.
  137. Give something very important to you away, consciously letting go of your attachment to it. Make it something that will bring happiness to another person.
  138. “Walking along any neighborhood and stopping to smell the smells and appreciate the warmth of the sun on your back. Some people actually grow wonderfully sweet-smelling flowers (I could never be bothered with the hassle of gardening) or go around dinner time when people are baking delicious food.” – Heidi Cone
  139. Make a list of 10 people you haven’t seen in a few weeks and call each of them over a 10 day period. Just ask about their lives and reconnect. There is no purpose in the calls other than to make contact.
  140. Invest in a session with a recommended and reputable nutritionist. Figure out how you could improve your life through what you eat.
  141. Record yourself reciting your best 30 qualities, each starting with “You are…” (e.g. “You are a fantastic dancer”). When you are feeling down, listen to the recording and say “Hell yeah I am!” after each one.
  142. If you usually drive or take public transport to anything within 20 minutes walking distance, try walking it for a couple of weeks instead. Try to enjoy the walk, soak in the environment and the people you cross paths with on the way. Reconnect with the real world.
  143. Change your internet surfing habits. Rather than allowing marketing to pull you around, choose a couple of sites that really inspire you and only visit them.
  144. Find something you can make from scratch, like a model airplane or a bookshelf. Regardless of your personality, there is always deep satisfaction in creating something that requires hands-on work.
  145. Try to help someone break a negative pattern they are stuck in, by questioning them fearlessly about how their behaviour will affect their long term goals.
  146. Record yourself saying your favourite inspirational statements, quotes, or reading out a passage from a book that motivates you. Make it as long as it takes to travel to work. Listen to it each day on your way to work to get pumped. Change it every month.
  147. Break away from harmful or unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Watch this video to learn how to put an end to being stuck in a rut with bad relationships, jobs or other long term traps.
  148. Create a “mastermind” group with similar-minded successful people. Get together one per week or two to discuss ideas and share strategies.
  149. Learn about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I recommend the work of Russ Harris. Apply it to yourself to increase your happiness.
  150. Take long lunch breaks and do something that would usually happen after work, such as go for a run or watch your favourite show. This has the effect of breaking the day in half and making it seem like a refreshing restart.
  151. Write a list of all the things you do every month that prevent you from succeeding. Look at the list after it’s done and say to yourself “I choose to do these things, and could do something else if I wanted to”.
  152. Figure out what skills you would need to survive if you were either homeless or marooned on a deserted island. Acquire these skills. Once you have, you will know you are capable of surviving without anything, even money. This will do wonders for your self-confidence in handling the unknown, as you will be able to handle the worst case scenario for any venture.
  153. Try taking naps each afternoon for 30mins.
  154. Teach a child something that they can show off to their classmates, like a magic trick or a skateboard move – something they will have to practice and work on.
  155. Try not telling a single lie (not even a small compliment) for an entire month.
  156. Write a list of the 10 biggest benefits that the worst time in your life gave you. Dig back to the time of your life you regret the most, but look at it through new eyes. How did it make you a better person today? Make peace with your past through this exercise.
  157. If you own a business, each day randomly select a good client and give them something for free. No obligation or expectation, no sales pitch, just a reward for being a part of your business.
  158. “Watching Ellen on youtube” – Heidi Cone
  159. Reduce the amount of effort you put into pleasing others; it’s a pointless pursuit. In this article I cover how people usually try to please others, and what you should do instead.
  160. Save up and get yourself a training session with one of the top instructors in your field of interest. Use it to level-up.
  161. Give up on the idea of building self-esteem and happiness! I know this contradicts the title of the post. These concepts are illusions. Instead aim to have an authentic human experience, with the full range of emotions. You don’t really want to be just “happy” all the time, do you?
  162. Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself, consciously transform it into something temporary rather than permanent. For example, if you think “I am useless”, change it into “I currently think that I am useless”. Don’t avoid the thought, but don’t let it become your identity either. It’s just a thought.
  163. Try the “1% rule”. For a month, rather than trying to make massive improvements, choose 3 areas of your life (e.g. health, wealth and relationships) and try to improve them each by 1% every day.
  164. Try treating your family and friends as good as you treat strangers.
  165. Keep an observation diary. At the end of each day, write down 3 things you did well and 1 thing you wish you could have done better. Analyse all of them for cause and effect ideas – “why?”
  166. Did I mention you should get yourself a coach?
  167. Try 1 new exercise every time you go to the gym. This will make you more familiar with the machines/weights over time, giving you options to mix up your workouts and feel more confident. This will also increase motivation through feeling competent.
  168. Learn how to use Mindfulness techniques to remove in-the-moment anxiety. This is easier than you might think, check out this article for more on how.
  169. Invest in a good mattress. You spend a massive percentage of your time sleeping, which means repairing. Give yourself the best chance to do this well. It will pay for itself over time.
  170. Meet your neighbours. Make the time to get to know them. We used to live in communities that all knew each other, and if you’re from a big city or suburb you probably don’t have this. Neighbours could be your allies for many reasons.
  171. Make peace with your natural sleeping times. I’m a night owl and have designed a job that doesn’t start until 10am, so that I can stay up late and sleep in. Feels much better than getting up at 5am.
  172. Cut all white carbohydrates from your diet. No rice, potato or bread. Replace these with legumes (beans).
  173. “Snuggle up with a hot chocolate, a blanket, and a good novel” – Heidi Cone
  174. Go over 3 things that you did really well that were challenging in your life. Try to figure out your “success factors” – why did they go well? How could you use this information to your benefit in the future?
  175. Let go of wanting to get back with your ex. You broke up for a good reason probably, the only thing keeping you wanting is the belief that you can’t get better. This article explains why you can.
  176. Reveal one secret about yourself per day to different people you can trust. Do this until there are no secrets left.
  177. If you lack motivation, try reading the obituaries. Remind yourself of how temporary and precious life is.
  178. Ask people what they think of you instead of trying to read their minds.
  179. Find somewhere private and have a go at coaching yourself. Have two chairs facing each other. Start in the “coach” chair, and ask yourself a question. Then move over to the “client” chair and answer. Keep this up and explore your passions, goals, fears and dreams. Seriously, you’ll be surprised at what this brings out.
  180. Try living “opposite” for a week. By that I mean, try behaving in the opposite way to usual, reacting in the opposite way to how you usually react. Take different routes when you drive, eat something weird instead of normal, and basically just be someone totally different for a week.
  181. Text/SMS someone right now with a compliment.
  182. “Grow a plant from seed & watch it grow & reap any benefits it produces” – Janine Phillips
  183. Stop trying to read people’s minds. Instead of guessing what people think of you, either ask them or assume it’s something positive.
  184. Learn to play a musical instrument and stick to it for at least 6 months. That’s how long it takes to break through the “beginner” stage. Most people give up before then and miss out on something awesome.
  185. Express sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributes to your life in any way.
  186. Find a child or teen that you care about and take them out to lunch. During this lunch explain to them honestly and frankly what you wish adults had been honest with you about at their age. Open their eyes to something better than the lies and limiting beliefs they are subjected to through school.
  187. Try not complaining about anything for 2 whole weeks. Every time you complain, you have to reset the clock.
  188. Quit sugar completely, making sure to check any processed food labels for sugar content. It’s sugar that makes you fat.
  189. Find a way to make your business free for your favourite charitable cause.
  190. Go to and write reviews for all your favourite books. Imagine you’re supporting the author’s business – make them shine!

Enjoy! And for those of you brave enough to attempt some of these, let me know how it goes.

I’m also looking to get this list to 500 by the end of 2014, so comment below with your ideas too (I’ll credit them to you in the post).

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