5 Daily Habits of Successful People


Everybody wants to know the secrets to a successful lifestyle. We all look at the Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Howard Schultz, and Ronald Reagan’s of the world and want to know, what makes them successful? What are the little things they do that make them the superstars that they are?

These people did not just wake up one morning with success tattooed on their chest. It took a lot of persistence and goal setting to get where they are today. But to achieve their long-term success, these big wigs understand something very simple. It is the little things that we do on a daily basis that make us who we are long-term.

Whether you are multimillionaire business person or a bum working at McDonalds, it is the daily practices you do everyday that will lead to your eventual position in this world.

Nobody wants to be that bum at McDonalds their entire life. We all have dreams and we all want to get the top level, and live to our fullest potential. Here are 5 habits that all highly successful practice on a daily basis:


It is no secret that reading makes you smarter and helps you grow as a person. Reading not only teaches you new things every time you pick up a book, it also inspires your mind, creates a flow of ideas, and allows your endorphins to be stimulated at a fast pace. Successful people understand this and make it a habit to pick up a book for at least an hour a day, and learn something new. If reading is not your thing, or you have literacy issues, there’s always videos and mentoring.


Unlike habit #1, this is often times an undervalued habit that most people do not practice. Oftentimes seen as ‘lame’ by the younger crowd, keeping a journal is not something practiced by many. What a shame. Because keeping a journal and reflecting on your daily experiences is one of the best ways to ingrain experiences and life lessons in your mind.

Personally, I recommend writing in a journal twice a day. Once in the morning before you start your day, to get your juices flowing and get some positive words on paper, and once at night before you go to bed, to get your overflowing thoughts down on paper and to take note of what you have learned that day. Journal writing at night also helps you sleep better, because it allows you to rid yourself of your worries and concerns before you try climb into bed. Mindfulness meditation has a similar effect too, for those who don’t like to write.


Most people take the world for granted. They take friends, family, and privileges they have been given as an entitlement rather than a gift. This is not the way to get long-term success. If someone does something nice for you, or you find yourself in a fortunate situation, be thankful and express your gratitude. People like to be appreciated and if you do not show your gratitude for all the little things that others do for you, you will find that the favors and help start to decrease. Nobody can achieve success alone, so stop expecting things from others and start being genuinely thankful for any help you get.


Similar to the above habit, successful people make it a habit to compliment others on a daily basis. Most people get overlooked by everyone. People are so selfish and concerned with themselves that they do not take the time to appreciate someone else and tell them something to make them feel good. People crave the feeling of importance. Complimenting them genuinely will make them love you, and they will want to help make you successful.


This is something that we all have to work on. As teenagers, everyone develops the habit of gossip. Back then, we were all immature and thought the topic of conversation needed to be centered around the issues and problems of the person who was not in the room. That’s okay as teenagers, but the problem is that most adults never break out of this habit. They think talking about others and putting them down behind their back is somehow making them a better, superior person. In reality, it’s only a waste of energy and words.

Instead, spend time with others talking about ideas and positive things you can create. Talk about about the world, and refrain from talking about too many useless negative things that waste energy. This is something we all (including me) must constantly be working on.

Practice these habits on a daily basis, and watch success find you in every aspect of life.

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