Happiness vs Confidence

Daily Dose of Integrity One way to summarize the struggle I see people making in my line of work is that they’re fixated on feeling an emotional sensation they find pleasurable. They want to be less angry, less disappointed, less stressed, less anxious, and more happy, more calm, more loved… that kind of thing. They want more pleasure and less Read More

How stop worrying and start living

Daily Dose of Integrity There are 3 limiting beliefs I’ve observed that cause people to worry. The first is it’s compulsory, you have no control over worrying. It happens to you. You can’t stop yourself from doing it. The second belief is it’s helpful, worrying is some form of planning or strategizing or problem solving, and you need it to Read More

The Nice Guy Smooth Problem-Free Life Tragedy

This is an excerpt from my course: Nice Guy Syndrome Recovery & Social Confidence Building Dr Robert Glover identified the most powerful limiting belief a Nice Guy has is the dream of creating a “smooth problem-free life”, where there is no emotional discomfort and everything always goes to plan. Obviously, this dream is a little flawed. In this video, Dan Read More