Building Self-Respect: The Foundation of Healthy Boundaries

This is an excerpt from my new course: Healthy Boundaries in Relationships, Friendships and Work In this video, we explore the importance of self-respect in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries. People can only respect you as much as you respect yourself, and that lack of assertiveness can lead to others taking advantage of your space without your consent. This video highlights Read More

Respect relationships with an STD check

A client of mine went through with the very uncomfortable act of getting an STD check. Nobody likes doing that do they? He didn’t have any symptoms or anything, but he had started seeing a new girl and he wanted to get a check, both out of respect to her and because it was an act of courage for himself. Read More

How reduce stress and anxiety with Stoicism

I think it was Seneca the Stoic who said, “We suffer far more in imagination than we do in reality.” I think he was referring to this insistence we have of trying to solve problems that do not exist, problems we have conjured up in our minds to pointlessly fantasize about. One of the most powerfully practical things a person Read More

What is fear of success?

A lot of people think they have a fear of failure, and that they’re quite okay with success. But I’ve often found that when I dig into this with one of my clients, they’re far more afraid of success than they are of failure. It’s like they’ve been tricked by their brain. When we think of failure, we think of Read More

Confidence Advice and Feedback

There’s a big difference in how confident people get their advice and feedback versus insecure people, and it’s about when it happens and who it happens with. Insecure people tend to ask for feedback or advice before they do something. They’re anticipating taking an imagined action, and they go to somebody before they’ve even tried anything. How should I start Read More