Is Race a Cognitive Bias?

One of the most powerful ways to understand cognitive biases – the way your brain takes shortcuts – is to look at the concept of race and skin colour. Now if you look at me, just ask yourself: What what colour am I? What race am I? You’d be forgiven for saying I’m “white”. But if you actually zoom in Read More

Overcome social anxiety with the Who’s Next tactic

Whether I’m helping someone build their social circle or build their business, there’s this same fear that comes up for both. It’s a kind of future-tripping overwhelm where you imagine all the potential relationships that you’ve got to create. This is fear’s little trick to put you off even getting started. It makes you feel like you’re pressured to do Read More

The Schizophrenic Block

I used to work with people who had schizophrenia, and one of the symptoms they often talked about was having a thousand ideas at once that all seemed equally good and not being able to take an action on any one of them. It was an incredibly frustrating form of mania. And I’m actually pretty familiar with that feeling. I Read More