Confronting the Truth: Overcoming Rationalization and Avoidance

Join me and Hakim Hamza in a transformative conversation about Embracing Discomfort. We delve into unmasking Conflict Avoidance, People-Pleasing, and finding True Authenticity. Discover how our fears often masquerade as “spiritual behavior,” thus hindering our progress. Don’t miss out on this insightful exploration of navigating uncomfortable feelings.     Get Your Nice Guy Syndrome Diagnosis for Free! Fill out this Read More

Finding Your Integrity: Core Values to Live By

Show notes: Introduction Integrity definition The formula for integrity is core values By the end, you should know a draft of your values, how to live by them, and what behaviour change you could make today to become a bit more confident What are core values and why are they important? Integrity diamond Start with what they’re not So what Read More