How to be spiritual… without being weird or religious

I’m an atheist – I’ve never believed in a god. I’m a follower of science; I believe that scientific method is the best way to find the truth about something. I’m a materialist – I don’t believe in souls and spirits and things beyond the material realm – I believe everything that exists can be measured somehow. So where does Read More

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Dan Munro has been an author since 2013, and has published 4 full length non-fiction books, as well as numerous other shorter e-books. Browse below to check out his main titles. Munro focuses on topics of confidence, Nice Guy Syndrome, lifestyle design, and relationships.

Curiosity: The Best Conflict Resolution Skill

Daily Dose of Integrity Perhaps the most effective conflict resolution skill is the ability to maintain your curiosity. Curiosity means you explore the other person – their truth, their needs, their agenda – before trying to assert your own. You assume that you don’t really understand them and that the information they’re trying to get across is buried under their Read More