10 Powerful Conflict Resolution Strategies

Being able to confront someone effectively is a skillset that few of us are born with, and few ever learn. “Conflict” is the word we use to describe a confrontational conversation that has gone beyond a calm healthy debate. It’s where one or more of the people involved are now overcome with emotions like anger, disgust, confusion and anxiety, and Read More

Endgame – Confidence Role Models

What does confidence look like? How can we tell if someone else is truly confident and worth modelling after? How do we know when we ourselves are becoming confident? In this session we look at the traits of truly confident vs those who are just pretending and other false flags. We’ll investigate real public figures like Russell Brand, Donald Trump, Read More

Core Values Exercise: The Integrity Formula

Integrity – living consistently in alignment with your core values – is the secret to superior self confidence. Your core values create a compass that guides you to make authentic decisions, that is to take action that aligns with your true moral code and provides the best quality of life for you in the longer term. The most challenging element Read More