Stop trying to fix bad friendships

A client of mine was struggling with an acquaintance. He was having some conflict with her and wanted to fix it. I asked him, what was the last thing she said to you? And it was basically, “Leave me alone, never contact me again!” So straight away I’m asking, “Why are you putting effort into this person? Why aren’t you Read More

Acceptance is not Tolerance

I see a lot of people pleasers struggling with disrespect; putting up with bad behavior from other people simply because they understand why the bad behavior is happening. They have an tolerance for being treated poorly when they understand that the person is acting out of trauma or mental illness, or they believe the other person thinks they have a Read More

Why you should never defend your true self

My client was out socializing with a new friend the other day. It was a big comfort-zone push for him just to be out with someone new in an unfamiliar environment. This new friend was very bold. He was approaching strangers, starting conversations, and taking risks. My client started to feel a kind of agitation and pressure build up as Read More