Stuck? The self-development blind spot

Lately, I’ve had a little breakthrough in my physical health. I’ve always been trying to get my weight down and so on, and struggled with it. I usually get going pretty well, but before long my discipline and sugar cravings get the better of me and I end up back at square one. This time, it’s different. The breakthrough was Read More

Alexithymia: How to start expressing emotions

A lot of the Nice Guys I work with suffer from alexithymia: the inability to both identify and express emotions; the inability to put feelings into words. This causes a breakdown in their ability to create intimate connections. It’s impossible to connect with other people without emotion, right? Hard as it may be to believe, connections are not created on Read More

Mother Teresa Syndrome

My first ever coach was awesome, but near the end of our 12 week program I started to get anxious. I was training with an open mind, so when he started encouraging me to use scripts and templates to entice a client to sign up to another round of coaching when their first program completed, I reluctantly gave it a Read More

Relationships for Dummies: Nice Guy marriage and relationship tips

We’re going to look at relationships and how these are affected by nice guy syndrome. We’ll explore how relationships are different for nice guys and what the unique challenges are. We’ll look at what makes a great relationship work, as well as what causes toxic relationships and divorces. We’ll compare long term relationships with marriage. We’ll explore the specific issues Read More