How OCD and People-Pleasing Work Together

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   People-pleasing and conflict-avoidance behaviors are commonly reported in those diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as well as those diagnosed with a similar condition, obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). The strong compulsions associated with OCD may prevent someone from asserting their wants or needs, or it may make it difficult for them to do Read More

Attachment Styles Explained: How Your Childhood Impacts Your Adult Relationships

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   Did you know scientists believe how you bond with parents or caregivers as a child influences how you form interpersonal attachments as an adult? Attachment theory asserts that the manner in which you were raised and how close you were to the people raising you might be among the most significant factors Read More

Achieve More in Your Career by Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   Emotional intelligence (EI) is an increasingly popular framework to describe thoughts and behaviors that generally fall within “soft skill” categories in the workplace. Those with high levels of EI are generally better able to relate to others, work together on teams, understand nonverbal communication, and respond empathetically in work-related conflict. While most Read More

The Best Psychology Books for Self-improvement

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   Nearly everyone wants to better themselves. Personal growth is an important part of development through the lifespan, and additional resources that provide useful insight are often beneficial. Many books have been written with the aim of increasing a person’s ability to improve themselves, but not all self-help resources are created equal. This Read More

Leveraging Technology to Bolster Your Self-Improvement

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   It is easy to become distracted by stimulating technology and media in the modern world. While technology has undoubtedly been a boon to entertainment, it also provides avenues to simplify and facilitate your self-improvement. Modern technology lets you bolster your growth by helping you stay organized, stay motivated, set goals, and Read More