What The Office teaches us about losing

I saw a quote from the TV show The Office. One of the characters was complaining that they had just lost something, and he was saying, “Why?! Why did we lose?” And the Dwight character says, “Look, sometimes there’s no lesson. Sometimes you just lose.” And I think this is something true about life that we kind of overlook. The Read More

Why you’re attracting crazy people

There are two painful social truths that have absolutely transformed my life. The first is, the opposite of crazy is still crazy. And the second is, you attract what you are. When I was deep in my Nice Guy Syndrome, I felt like I was always the stable one in my relationships. I was the one who wasn’t emotional, I Read More

Why helpful people are annoying

Have you even noticed yourself finding helpful people annoying? You might even feel guilty that you feel ungrateful in this way. Sometimes, when someone tries to help you, either with advice or with physical actions, you feel suffocated. A resistance builds up and you feel the need to push back against it. Why is this? Is it because you’ve got Read More

This fallacy ruins your social life

There’s a social bias I’ve observed, it might already have a name, I just call it the “Time-Served Fallacy”. It is the sense of connection you get with someone simply because you’ve spent a lot of time with them, or you’ve known them for a long time, or both. People often get this with their workmates. They think their workmates Read More

How to Feel More Prepared For A Career Change

Guest post by FATJOE Publishing You can make a safe career choice, but this might not be as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Even if you’re good at your job, there’s a chance you wonder what more you could do, which could inspire a career change. However, any career change can feel overwhelming, especially if you lack experience. So how can Read More

Valued Living

I wanted to do a quick post to clarify what it means to live by your core values, what we’ll call “Valued Living”. Valued Living is essentially the same thing has having consistent integrity. It means that your actions, and the intentions behind them, regularly align with your core values. Core Values are your principles; your moral code; the type Read More

How to ensure that your boundaries get respected

A guy I was talking to today was really upset with his partner, because despite his best efforts and courageous intentions she just keeps breaching the boundary he sets with her. This issue often comes up when we’re setting boundaries with people we actually want to keep in our lives, like friends and partners. One of his boundaries is to Read More

Social Confidence: meaning, definition, & the Social Confidence Scale

Social confidence might be the most important trait a person can have for success in life, be it internal or external. But the definition of social confidence has become a subtle problem. Most people think that being confident means to be popular, good at talking, extroverted, and impressive to others. Unfortunately, a severely damaged person can still possess these qualities. Read More