7 signs that you’re secretly an atheist

This article isn’t actually specific to religion, or challenging religious beliefs. Rather, it uses the example of Christianity to help you think more critically about what your behaviour tells you about your subconscious beliefs. There are two types of beliefs that we’re exploring here. The beliefs you think you have, made up of thoughts in your mind and claims you Read More

The Cure to Nice Guy Syndrome

Nice Guy Syndrome is a highly prevalent mental illness, and as yet completely unrecognised by the authorities in psychological science. So it’s up to amateurs like me to provide support. While every Nice Guy presents with different symptoms and issues, and needs a different treatment plan from others to recover, there are some general recovery principles that have worked well Read More

Nice Guy Narcissism: The hidden selfish motives behind people pleasing

Nice Guys and people pleasers give the appearance of being self-sacrificing, altruistic, and intensely concerned with the wellbeing of others. It’s hard to imagine that they’re motives are complete selfish and that they don’t really care about other people. Especially because they see themselves as giving people as well. But as a recovering Nice Guy and coach, I can confirm Read More