Women: This communication tip will save your relationship!

Daily Dose of Integrity This one’s for all the women out there who are in relationships with men. I don’t know what kind of Disney-princess conditioning you were subjected to when you were growing up, but too many of you think it’s natural and normal to be coy, indirect and vague, hinting to get what you want from your partner. Read More

Nice Guy Syndrome x Autism and ADHD comorbidity

When a genuinely kind-hearted kid finds out that they’re “different” at school because of ADHD or Autism (usually undiagnosed at first), they quickly need to come up with a social strategy that will keep them safe from bullying and ostracism. This is why, in my opinion, there is so much crossover – or “comorbidity” – between Nice Guy Syndrome, ADHD Read More

People Pleasing Syndrome VS Nice Guy Syndrome

While people pleasing is often (but not always) a symptom of Nice Guy Syndrome, it’s worth noting that People Pleasing Syndrome – or sociotrophy – is a condition all on its own. Defined by obsession with making people happy, and sacrificing all other areas of life to keep your relationships comfortable, People Pleasing Syndrome is possibly one of the most Read More

Nice Guys with an Avoidant Attachment Style

Most of the Nice Guys I’ve worked with show evidence of primarily having an Avoidant Attachment Style (though some are Anxious and none are Secure). This leads to difficulties in creating deep connections, expressing darker emotions, and generally being honest and open. In this video, we’ll explore the connection between Nice Guy Syndrome and Avoidant Attachment, and talk about how Read More