Why You Need to Stop People Pleasing Right Now!

Check out the full Nice Guy Syndrome Recovery & Social Confidence Building course here: https://theinspirationallifestyle.com/courses-nice-guy-syndrome-recovery/ Or email me for more support dan@brojo.org This video is an excerpt from the above-mentioned online course. Far too often, people pleasing is dismissed as a superficial habit that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. And yet, for nice guys and people pleasers, this behaviour hides Read More

Your biggest fear to overcome

Daily Dose of Integrity I think one of the best ways to bring more meaning into your life is to identify and overcome your fears. If you’re feeling unsure about the direction of your life or it’s purpose, try listing all your fears and use exposure therapy techniques to slowly face and overcome them. At least it won’t be boring. Read More

What’s the point??

One of the most sabotaging questions to our progress is: What’s the point? A lot of you will notice a pattern. You’ll be getting into something new, enjoying it, making progress, and then suddenly some voice in your head asks, What’s the point of this? You’ll feel defeated by the question. You immediately start to lose your interest in the Read More

Why people pleasers struggle to recover from illness

I’m currently trying to heal from “long” Covid, and one of my biggest challenges is that I can’t let myself recover. I keep getting up to do shit, trying to be a loving supportive husband and father. And every time I do something, I delay my recovery. I can feel it. I get sicker again. I add another few days Read More