You didn’t really learn anything from school

Here’s perhaps a controversial statement: You didn’t really learn anything from school. If you stopped your education at 18, or even after University, then you still haven’t started learning. Or perhaps more accurately, you haven’t been taught the most important things you actually need to know. I want you think about these three topics in particular: managing resources, like budgeting Read More

The REAL reason you’re broke

I had a brutal wake-up call early on in my coaching business. I was haemorrhaging money. I wasn’t doing well financially, so I decided to do a deep honest review of all my finances, something I’d never really done before in my life. I’d always avoided it for some reason, especially when I started making good money at Corrections. And Read More

Why most people are NOT working on their honesty

Once I discovered the power of honesty, I was almost immediately struck with the question, “Why aren’t more people doing this?” I felt like I’d discovered the formula for everything I’d ever wanted, and it baffled me that such a simple and obvious thing had not also been discovered by others. Nearly everyone around me continued to be fake and Read More

The “Strong Independent Person” is a myth

One thing that nice guys and people pleasers have in common is they like to think of themselves as “independent”. They take pride in this independence, in being self-sufficient. This can be a response to childhood trauma. Relying on others harmed us considerably, so we came to the conclusion that it’s just safer to do it all ourselves. This is Read More

Kids don’t need the Santa Claus lie!

I occasionally get myself into some heated debates about whether we should lie to kids when it comes to traditions, especially things like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy etc. On my podcast, I’ve already covered the details as to why lying to kids is bad in general – the damaging effect it has when you show children that you’re willing Read More

Why Andrew Tate fans get so defensive

Here’s a little trick question you can ask to figure out if you or someone else is being manipulated. Do you defend the potentially manipulative person? You can see this with Andrew Tate fans. A lot of people will defend Andrew Tate, and yet he clearly doesn’t need to be defended. For all his faults, he’s clearly not a coward Read More

Anxiety is a conspiracy theory about yourself

I heard a fucking good quote the other day: “Anxiety is like having conspiracy theories about yourself” Mel Robbins One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my life since working on Nice Guy recovery and building my confidence is that my anxiety has basically gone away. I used to be anxious all the time, and I do mean all Read More

It’s not too late to take your friendships deeper

A few years ago, a really good friend of mine was going through a divorce. I’d been friends with him for 20 plus years, but we rarely talked about intimate stuff like that. Our friendship was mostly about joking and carrying on. For men especially, this is common. You will have the same friends you had in childhood, and yet Read More

You don’t have psychic powers

You might have never realized this before, but you believe that you are psychic. You think that you can control the world with your mind. Right about now, you should be disagreeing with me, unless you’re insane. But the fact is, you probably spend a huge portion of your time trying to solve problems inside your head. Not taking action, Read More

My dad taught me the hard truth about love

I had an unusual experience with my father when I was young. I must have been about 13, 14, something like that. I don’t know what prompted this, but he took me on a drive, and he started explaining how I was going to hurt him. I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought I was in Read More