What is Nice Guy Syndrome?

The term Nice Guy Syndrome was first coined by Dr Robert Glover in his book No More Mr Nice Guy. While it’s not an official mental illness or disorder in the DSM, it’s becoming widely recognized as a measurable and consistent issue for modern men. It’s also occasionally referred to as People Pleasing Syndrome, though this extends to women as Read More

Yes, sometimes I am victim blaming

I sometimes get accused of “victim blaming” – holding someone accountable for harm done to them by others – because I’m always telling people to take responsibility for their own lives. This can seem to conflate with saying, “If something bad happens to you, it’s your fault.” What I’m actually saying is if something bad happens to you, it’s on Read More

I was wrong about Will Smith

I have to confess, I was wrong about the actor Will Smith. In the past, I’ve talked about him being a role model of confidence, when actually he fooled me. Him being a very successful actor probably should have made me a bit more sceptical! He’s actually a classic Nice Guy. He’s the Performer Type of nice guy, just like Read More

Negative thoughts are NOT the cause of your suffering

I’ve known a few suicidal people in my life, unfortunately, and while I can’t be sure of the thoughts they had in their head prior to what they did, a common thinking theme for suicidal people is this idea: “I’m a burden. They would be better off without me. No one would care anyway.” Of course, every funeral I’ve been Read More