If you’re mad at someone else, you’re probably a hypocrite

The other day, I was quite upset about a friend of mine who didn’t reach out for help when he should have, and I was getting all worked up about it for quite some time… Until it finally clicked that I’m currently struggling and I’m not reaching out for help! I was lying next to my wife in bed, struggling Read More

Why it feels like honesty isn’t working for you

When I first got into meeting new people – deliberately going out and initiating conversations with strangers – I immediately got a sense that it wasn’t going very well. I was practicing this new honesty approach I’d discovered, so I was trying to have integrity, be vulnerable and bold with people, and just let them judge me for who I Read More

Do you feel “behind” in social skills and confidence?

When I was younger, especially in my teens and early twenties, I really struggled with a sense of being “behind” everybody, socially speaking, and especially romantically. I felt like everyone was so far ahead of me. They “got it” and I didn’t. They were maturing and developing while I was stuck feeling like a clueless 13 year old well into Read More