How to be radically honest without raising Green Flags for narcissists

One of the Brojo crew mentioned to me that he’s learning about this thing called “green flags”, which refers to signs that narcissists use to identify an easy victim. This makes it difficult for him to understand the difference between being radically honest and oversharing. I guess one of the green flags involves putting yourself in a vulnerable position by Read More

Nice Guys: Supporting vs Fixing

One of the key things all nice guys and people pleasers need to learn is the difference between supporting and fixing. What people pleasers usually do is fixing. It looks like we’re trying to help and give advice and support the person, but what we’re really trying to do is control them to behave in a way that we feel Read More

Attracted to a friend? Here’s how to manage it

Ever found yourself romantically or sexually attracted to a friend? What is the “right” thing to do in this awkward situation? You know, for the longest time, I believed that being friends with someone negates the possibility of a romantic relationship, and that’s because I’d spent so much time in “the friendzone” – a state of being friends with a Read More