[Short] I got into trouble and it was a helpful Nice Guy reminder

I recently got myself into a little tax-related drama… It was not intentional on my part. I made some mistakes and didn’t understand the rules of the new country I live in. I got myself into a pretty uncomfortable position with taxes and getting that sorted out, and I’m going to be in some trouble and pay some fines. Yet Read More

[Short] Why you judge people

Do you ever wonder why you judge people? Have you noticed how quickly you come to conclusions about people that you see walking down the street, or people you’ve only had a brief interaction with? You see a certain hairstyle and associate it with a political belief. You see someone frown and associate it with a personality trait. You overhear Read More

[Short] Stop falling for this social media lie

This almost seems too obvious, like there’s no point in me saying it. But seeing how much suffering there is out there, maybe I do need to say it. When you go onto social media, you are not seeing people’s real lives! You’re not even seeing anything close to it. And in fact, the more positivity you see on somebody’s Read More