The Art of Persuasion: Influencing People Ethically with Your Words

Full transcript This video is an excerpt from my course building rapport going beyond small talk with advanced communication skills. If you like what you see in this video, and you want to see the bits that I’ve cut out and the rest of the course, check out the link. >> Get the Building Rapport course here Let’s talk about Read More

[Short] Introverted is not the same as Avoidant

A lot of introverts think that being introverted as some sort of social barrier, that you lack in some way socially. But I think this is because being introverted is often conflated with being avoidant, which is actually an anti-social trait, and not a permanent one at that. I’ve heard many hundreds of people talking about shyness or distaste for Read More

[Short] What’s happening with Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson??

Over the last year, I’ve experienced a kind of grief as a lot of the top people that I follow have kind of fallen from grace. People like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson and some of my other role models. They seem to have gone down a weird path and are no longer speaking the truth that they seemed to Read More