[Short] A hidden symptom of people pleasing syndrome

One of the hidden manifestations of the people-pleasing syndrome is that you constantly feel like you’re choosing between options. Often it’s the false dichotomy of A vs B. Other times it can feel like a broad or even overwhelming range of options. Regardless, you’ll feel like most of your decisions are a choice between available options. They’ve already been laid Read More

[Short] Why being polite is dishonest

One of my more controversial ideas around honesty is that being polite is dishonest. A lot of people don’t like this claim. They think that having manners and being polite as a good thing. Maybe it is. I don’t know. What I would suggest is the reason I say being polite is dishonest is that any thoughtless form of speech, Read More

[Short] Loyalty is not a value

When I’m doing core values work with new clients, quite often the term “Loyalty” comes up. A lot of people think of loyalty as a value. When I use the words “core values” or “values”, I don’t actually mean “things that you find valuable”. Core Values are a set of principles that you live by. These are internal – they Read More