How to avoid being friend-zoned as a nice guy

What is the friendzone? I’ve been in the dreaded friendzone more times than I care to remember. It’s a kind of hell on earth that every chronically single Nice Guy who socializes with women is all too familiar with. It starts innocently enough. You find a girl attractive and much to your pleasant surprise she seems to like you too. Read More

How to be platonic friends with a hot girl

Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here One of the most awkward relationships is a friendship between two people when one is attracted to the other romantically or sexually. Due to stigma about the “friendzone”, most men shy away from this kind of friendship or from being honest about their feelings. There’s a healthy way to do Read More

[Short] “Friction”: the hidden threat to healthy relationships

Join my free group coaching program for confidence and integrity here: In Mark Manson’s book Models he talks about a concept in dating called friction. Now you can have a great connection with someone be really attracted to them and even have good boundary setting and great relationship skills. But if you have what’s called too much friction, the Read More