Choosing what to care about

I recently saw a heartbreaking video on TikTok. It was a little boy of about 3 or 4 years of age, lying in a hospital bed with tubes in his nose. His father was beside him, and he was talking to the camera which must have been held by this mother. The video was titled, “Boy’s final words to his Read More

12 Practical Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety to Build Confidence

1. Use the 3X model My 3X Model is a simple roadmap to conversations to ensure they’re real, brave, honest, connecting and respectful. You can use this model with friends, lovers, family, coworkers and strangers alike. I recommend starting with safe people and then once you’ve got the hang of it, branch out. Step one: Explore. Use curiosity to think Read More

[Short] Why you can’t trust anything you believe

Take my Nice Guy Quiz to learn how to replace people pleasing with powerful confidence and authenticity: >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this video! I have a distinct memory from my childhood of being at a party with all these adults and seeing a bowl of chocolate coated almonds sitting there and before Read More