Energeia Podcast #30 – Familiarity and Identity: Dual Pathways to Self-Sabotage

Dan Munro rejoins Dr. G to discuss the concepts of familiarity and identity as twin threats to self-development. In an expansive dialogue, they explore: – The greater threat to development posed by someone’s “familiarity zone” compared to their “comfort zone”. – The distinction between familiarity and routine, and the constructive dimensions which positively set the latter apart. – The tipping Read More

[Short] The disgusting reason why I stopped doing Pick Up (PUA)

If you enjoyed this, grab yourself a free copy of my new ebook Top 10 Social Connection Tips here – https://bit.ly/connection-tips-ebook Comment below with your opinions on this! So as a lot of you have been following me know, I have some history with the pickup artist industry. I used to get into that shit pretty hard in my early Read More