How to Forgive Yourself: Coping with Toxic Shame

We’re coming off the back of mental health awareness month, and this focus on psychological wellness will trigger many of us to think about the things we’re ashamed of. For some, this may even set off a shame spiral – a deep dive into everything you think is “wrong” with you and all those things you think make you not Read More

Radical Honesty vs Telling the Truth: The Definition of Integrity

Most people think of themselves as honest simply because they don’t lie very often. Unfortunately, there is a BIG difference between BEING honest and USING honesty to get an outcome. If you truly want to live with integrity, you’ll need to know how to be honest rather than just using it as a strategy that feeds your neediness. If your Read More

Powerful Honesty Course: Integrity, Confidence, and Healthy Relationships

Dan Munro is releasing a brand new Udemy course… Powerful Honesty: Create More Integrity, Confidence, and Healthy Relationships Get it HERE: Powerful Honesty Course There is only one thing standing in between you and your dreams of confidence, love and power: dishonesty. Most people think of themselves as honest people, but unfortunately this is just another lie. They have yet Read More

She CRUSHED me! Dealing with rejection from a high value woman

When I was just 14 years old and had no experience dealing with rejection, I asked out the prettiest girl in school. This girl was what we all thought of as a high value women, so I was definitely out of my league and didn’t expect a Yes. However, the brutality of her No shocked me, and led to a Read More

American Murder: why Nice Guys need to STOP people pleasing

The Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door perfectly demonstrates the darkness and rage that lies in the heart of every people-pleasing Nice Guy. Let’s talk about how to manage anger more safely. Treat yourself to a copy of Dan Munro’s new book “THE NAKED TRUTH: Using Powerful Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity” In the Read More