It’s time to stop blaming your parents

Do you have ‘bad parents’? Many people think they have had the worst parents ever, and sometimes they’re actually right about that. Having abusive parents can lead to suffering from a very bad childhood. As we grow up, the damage we get from this affects us every day. We all have a tendency to blame our inadequacies and faults on Read More

Coaching with Dan Munro: Everything You Need to Know

I’ve put this video together for anyone curious about getting coaching with me for integrity, confidence and connections. This video includes: – What coaching is – Why get coaching – Who is right for coaching (and who isn’t) – The process for getting started – Options and investment Worth a watch if you’re a Nice Guy or people pleaser who’d Read More

How to Deal With Criticism and Negative Feedback Confidently

Few people are able to deal with criticism in a confident way. Most people either eact defensively, or get guilty and their self-worth plummets. In this video, we explore how to be more confident when getting negative feedback. If you can’t learn how to take negative feedback, you’re going to find yourself trapped in a fight-flight response every time someone Read More

Does everyone need a coach to feel good enough?

The Cucumber Talks podcast reviewed some of my work and ideas recently, and challenged me on a few things. Today I address their questions: – Does someone always need a coach? – Does self-development keep you trapped in feeling not good enough? (Shouldn’t we just accept who we are as we are?) – Do I really believe it’s all mind Read More

5 principles of powerful honesty

How to use radical honesty in a way that gets respect without being manipulative, and instead builds your self-confidence, your charisma, your ability to connect with others. To celebrate the upcoming launch of my new book The Naked Truth, I’m going to give you a sneak peek into the 5 principles of powerful honesty that will ensure that you can Read More