2020 – A year in review

In the video above, Dan Munro reviews the carnage that will always be known as 2020. He explores his experience with COVID 19, the anti-science movement, becoming a dad for the first time, publishing his latest book The Naked Truth, and a whole lot more.

What a year it’s been!

With the onslaught of the newest coronavirus (covid-19) we saw a massive rise in the anti science movement. The first time I noticed this was the surprising reaction to the latests science around global warming and climate change. Then it was vaccines, and now we have the anti mask crowd denying that COVID is even dangerous. As a scientific atheist, this was a difficult perspective for me to accept.

This is also the year I used kindle direct publishing (KDP) on Amazon to release my new book The Naked Truth. Trying to figure out how to self-publish a book on amazon while dealing with everything else that was going on and not sacrificing my integrity was a massive challenged to say the least.

And of course I am now a few father. The dad life has turned out to be both more enjoyable and more challenging than I expected. There’s a whole heap of mum and dad advice out there, but unfortunately a lot of it is incomplete or simply unhelpful. Finding the time and energy to be a good new dad while releasing a book in the midst of a pandemic pupshed me to the limit.

So this is my 2020 year in review. I’ll cover a tonne of other topics also, both big and small. Enjoy! See you all in 2021.

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