12 mistakes nice guys make to sabotage their relationships

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Nothing is more certain on this earth than a Nice Guy / People Pleaser ruining his (or her) relationships. In the above video, I discuss the 12 top mistakes that people with Nice Guy Syndrome make to destroy and sabotage their relationships – often without even being aware that they’re doing it.

Nice Guy Syndrome – a term first coined by Dr Robert Glover in his revolutionary book “No More Mr Nice Guy” – is a psychological profile of a man who is dominated by his desire to be a people-pleaser. While all Nice Guys are a bit different, they share common traits, such as avoiding confrontation, being passive and indirect about what they want, and generally lacking in masculinity.

Nice Guys often have a pattern of unhealthy, dysfunctional and even toxic relationships. While they often attract and are attracted to severely unhealthy people like narcissists and manic-depressives, it’s the Nice Guys themselves who actually do most of the damage inside of their relationships.

While there are many mistakes that women make in relationships as well, people-pleasing Nice Guys have similar patterns that can be identified and corrected, usually through becoming more assertive and genuine, and less self-absorbed. This will naturally help them change or avoid toxic women.

In this video, I detail what I’ve learned from coaching Nice Guys into recovery for nearly 10 years, as well as decades of failed relationships in my own life, to discover how exactly Nice Guys and people-pleaser sabotage their chances for love, connection and happiness in relationships and dating.

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